Dear good lord, what have I done? with the BooksOnBoard 50% off sale on Black Friday and ending with yesterday’s 50% off sale at Harlequin, I, uh, bought some books. To share my shame with you all, I’ve listed them all below. And, please, if you see me buying books at all before summertime, call the authorities.

  1. The Law and Kate Malone by Charlene Sands
  2. Abbie’s Outlaw by Victoria Bylin
  3. The Darkest of Secrets by Kate Hewitt
  4. The Husband She Never Knew by Kate Hewitt
  5. Doukakis’s Apprentice by Sarah Morgan
  6. Secrets of Castillo del Arco by Trish Morey
  7. The Wedding Fling by Meg Maguire
  8. A Natural Father by Sarah Mayberry
  9. The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry
  10. The Time of Her Life by Jeanie London
  11. Back to the Good Fortune Diner by Vicki Essex
  12. Heat Of The Night by Elle Kennedy
  13. The Heat is On by Elle Kennedy
  14. Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy
  15. Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy
  16. The Lady’s Secret by Joanna Chambers
  17. Captive Bride by Bonnie Dee
  18. Renegade Most Wanted by Carol Arens
  19. Meant To Be Married by Ruth Wind
  20. Christmas on Snowbird Mountain by Fay Robinson
  21. Restraint by Charlotte Stein
  22. Cassie’s Grand Plan by Emmie Dark
  23. Grease Monkey Jive by Ainslie Paton
  24. Rio Grande Wedding by Ruth Wind
  25. The S Before Ex by Mira Lyn Kelly
  26. The Way Back by Stephanie Doyle
  27. Silent Surrender by Barbara J. Hancock
  28. His Virgin Acquisition by Maisey Yates
  29. A Royal World Apart by Maisey Yates
  30. Marriage Made on Paper by Maisey Yates
  31. With This Fling by Kelly Hunter
  32. The Wedding Plan by Abby Gaines
  33. In His Eyes by Emmie Dark
  34. Sunrise Over Texas by M.J. Fredrick

To add to my shame, three of these books – The Law and Kate Malone, Abbie’s Outlaw and Renegade Most Wanted – are Harlequin Historicals. I’ve read maybe a handful of books in that line that I didn’t hate, and I think Carla Kelly wrote them. That’s what a sucker I am for historical westerns.

Also of note is how many straight up Presents are in this pile. I hope buying seven high-angst Presents doesn’t add regret to my already heaping portion of shame. I’m not totally sure why I bought so many.

Of the Superromances I picked up in this sale, only Mayberry is an author I’ve read before (and Fay Robinson, but that book’s a reissue of an old book.) I read and really enjoyed the Emmie Dark, and have high hopes for the others based on the samples I’ve read. Looking forward especially to the Vicki Essex book, as it has a Chinese-American heroine and the author is of Asian descent herself. Well, and because the sample was excellent.

Guess I better get reading…