the girl with the bird on her headIf I wasn’t being stalked by some dumbass, butthurt author, I might use this space to say, “Hello! My name is [REDACTED], and I have a short attention span!” But said dumbshit is doing what dumbshits do, so we’ve got to be all cloak and dagger here. Ridley isn’t my real name–it’s my asshole black cat’s name–but if you yelled it at me in a crowd I’d totally turn around and wonder if you wanted to hurt me.

So long story short, since I’ve already checked Twitter and three separate email accounts in the process of writing this, here’s my deal: I’m a working-class hockey fan from north of Boston who loves romance novels, but is sort of a scatter brain. I love Harlequins and novellas and short stories. If it’s under 80-90k words, baby likes.

My reviews of category novels, let me show you them.

You can find more of my wit and wisdom on Twitter and Goodreads.

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